Benny Vibes works towards customizing the music experience of each client. Benny has been working in the music industry he has formed relationships with many different artists in many different styles. From Pop to RnB, Rock and Blues to Country music. Performing for a wide range of clientele, he has learnt how to read a room and build the music and entertainment as the day progresses - background smooth tunes at fine establishments, upbeat  high energy songs for rowdy venues to corporate dinners and relaxed weddings.


Benny Vibes can secure a talented band to fit your preference if more than a solo artist is preferred. Feel free to message any questions through that you may have about the music entertainment you are after.





Completely tailored packages to suit any theme and style for your dream wedding.

Starting the ceremony with soft acoustic music flowing while guests get comfortable and await the arrival of the bride.

Up beat celebration music to carry you into the night and have your friends join in after the first dance.



A strong vision on matching the entertainment alongside the principals of your business.

Every company has core values and we at Vibez Entertainment like to introduce music that fits that theme.

Team building exercises using music is a great way for people to relax and get into the swing of things.



Catered music to fit the demography and to keep patrons coming back with friends.

 Vibez Entertainment has musicians
that cover all styles of music from Pop

covers, pub classics, RnB, soul, to Jazz.

We have solo acoustic singers, duos to full bands that can fill any bar or club.


Please feel free to ask about pricing. I'll be more than happy to walk through all costing and take out any unnecessary costs that won't apply to your event.