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Benny Vibes

I've been playing guitar since I was a young kid and somehow managed to make it my full time job for 16 years now. I've worked with countless amazing individuals who have all blown me away with  their talent and I've always walked away having learnt something from them. I play music so people can hear love, listen to heart break and enjoy happiness each and every day.

I've been performing all kinds of shows, background pubs, large stage concerts, corporate black tie events etc for 16 years. The simplest thing I've learnt with any gig is that it's always more than just music no matter how small or big. It's the energy, the mindset, the preparation, the look, the sound quality, the smile you give while saying something cheeky through the lyrics.

What makes a good band isn't how well they play it's how well they read the room and then play their best to that room.


I always put in extra effort as I know I'm extremely lucky to be able to play music as a full time job. I love what I do and I enjoy people who love my music and are able to support me in any way. I've moved mostly into corporate and wedding work these last few years as it gives me more time and resources to put on bigger and better shows for clients.

Paul Kelly - Green Day - John Denvor all copied their own song

Paul Kelly - Green Day - John Denvor all copied their own song

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